Gusting into Vernon

by Kathryn Ahvenus

After an amazing sleep at the Coast hotel in Kamloops, the team gathered outside for breakfast of warm oatmeal and hot coffee at the motor home, to get us all ready for the hundred kilometre ride to Vernon.

We drove to the Wildlife Park unpacked our bikes and got them all ready for the ride,after  a short flat ride on the highway we  climbed our first hill (a big hill some would say) we re-grouped at the top and then carried on.

As we made our way along the highway we were greeted with head winds and cross winds in fact the cross winds were so strong at times we all had to hold on tight to stay upright. Always an adventure!

We made our way through Monte Lake and witnessed the devastation the fires had on the area, our thoughts are with all the families affected  by the fires. It has truly been a hard summer for everyone. 

We stopped for lunch at the Falkland Detachment, the lunch was delicious and supplied by our friends at Sedo Deli & Butcher Shop in Salmon Arm.  After  lunch we got back on our bikes to fight the wind that seemed to be following us to Vernon, but there was no rain, something we were all very happy about.

We rode into Vernon and were greeted by Eli, one of our ambassadors and his dad Josh who told us how well Eli is doing and how the money we raise helps them, which is why we ride. Eli was even able to sit on our police motorcycle, which was a highlight for him.

Neil and his family were also there to greet us, Neil and Olympia cycle donated to all the riders, sunglasses, water bottles, and Neil made inserts for all our bike shoes, we can’t thank them enough for their generosity.

After a great dinner hosted by James & Corinna, we were able to spend time together as a team for the last time roasting & toasting our success and each other.

Now we’re all tucked in at the Prestige Vernon Lodge for another great night’s sleep. We’ve been so fortunate to stay with Prestige all across South East District, ensuring that we’ve got a roof over our heads each night and that the funds we raise go directly to the families who need the assistance. Thank you to our friends at Prestige across the district!

Tomorrow is our last day, we will ride from Vernon to Kelowna, it has been an amazing experience and meeting the kids and their families is what keeps us going. Thank you for continuing to support our efforts.

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