And That’s a Wrap!

by Ride Captain Julio Krenz, Kelowna.

10 days ago, a group of people embarked on a journey to help kids in our region. After some long days on the bike seat in the heat, followed by the smoky air, some torrential rain, gusting wind with few sunny skies, they returned to Kelowna today as a team of people who have forged bonds forever.

Last weekend, after climbing the Paulson summit and then descending into Castlegar, we were met by a family who told the team how Cops for Kids changed their lives in a time of need. An exhausted rider turned to me and said “if that family told me that climbing that mountain pass again would help them even more, I’d get back on my bike and do it all over again.”

These are the folks who left their families and routines behind, spent all summer training and fundraising, put up their hands to volunteer at community events to benefit Cops for Kids. They joined likeminded peers on a quest to make the world a better place. 2 riders were unable to finish the Cops for Kids Ride with the team, because they were recalled to operational duty. To call them heroes is insufficient.

After waking up at the Prestige Hotel in Vernon, the team enjoyed a hearty breakfast at Denny’s and then made their short journey to Kelowna to cap off the 2022 Cops for Kids Ride presented by the Impact Tomorrow Foundation. A crowd gathered at the Ramada Hotel with friends from Home Depot who were on site to provide refreshments for everyone, along with a massive donation to help travelling families. These riders were tired and excited to see their families, but knowing that they’ve been able to help kids across the region is the greatest reward of all.

On behalf of the Cops for Kids Board of Directors, we need to thank all of the riders for their participation and congratulate them on this 1,015km trek across the district. Because of these efforts, $375,000 was raised for kids who will rely on us year round for support in their journey to wellness.

Thank you to everyone who made this all possible.


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