Day 10 Wrap Up

As of this afternoon, all 29 cyclists have completed their commitment to cycle 1,000km over the past 10 days. This year, the group was challenged initially knowing that they’d have to cycle the majority of those miles on their own from home because we couldn’t have the full group on the road together. Part way through our 10 day commitment, air quality from wildfires meant that we had to ask cyclists to ride indoors. Cycling indoors was a major mental and physical challenge for the group, but we were able to get everybody back outside on Friday and as of today they’ve all met their commitment. We are so grateful and proud of their achievement, which also raised significant funds for local kids.

To start our day, we had 3 groups of riders leave Vernon from the Kalamalka Lake viewpoint headed south for Kelowna. Arriving in spaced intervals, the group all arrived to a quiet but humble end to celebrate their achievements.

This is not the ride we had envisioned to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, but we are proud that we were able to pull it off safely and successfully. We had a great team that was adaptable, hard working and dedicated to the kids in our community. I hope to see them all back again next year for another ride together.

Until then, thank you for your support.

Ride Captain, Julio Krenz

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