Day 6 in Cranbrook

Today the air quality didn’t allow for us to have a team on the road again, which was incredibly disheartening for everyone. Our riders wanted to be out on the road so badly, and even thought we had a small chance at safe air quality at one point. Ultimately, we made the decision that the riders should spin indoors again and the Tamarack Centre mall was kind enough to find a space in the mall for the team to ride safely together. It was not what they had hoped, but at least they were all together completing their mileage.

Meanwhile, our annual Jail & Bail was taking place outdoors in the parking lot where we had jail birds arrested from around Cranbrook to support Cops for Kids. We had some new and returning jailbirds who helped us bring in funds that are desperately needed this year. Thank you to those who helped out, particularly in a difficult year.

Tomorrow the support crew will reposition to the Shuswap area where we’ll start our day Friday while the riders all continue to cycle at home while monitoring air quality. We have hopes that the air quality will improve and the team will be back on the road by Friday but we’ll take things day by day. Today, we are grateful for our dear supporters Tamarack Centre, Boston Pizza Cranbrook and also our friends George & Rachel at Elizabeth Lake Lodge.

Until then take care,

Julio Krenz, Ride Captain

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