Kootenay Lake Delight

by Lisa Barnes

The morning started with a beautiful sunrise to blue skies at the Prestige Lakeside Resort in Nelson. The temperature was a gorgeous 13 degrees while the team assembled at the motorhome graciously donated by Fraser Way RV for our continental breakfast prepared by Team Mom Courtney.  After a quick recap of the day from team leader Julio we shuttled out to the Kootenay Lake Ferry to begin day 5 of riding.

Being new to the team, I was tasked with the responsibility of soliciting donations from other ferry patrons.  Based on the Generosity of the passengers we were able to gather a further $250 to support the kids.

We disembarked the ferry and set off on the 2 km hill sprint on fatigued legs that hadn’t quite had an opportunity to warm up.  Climbing is my jam and it was an exceptional way to start the days ride.  We regrouped at the top to coast into Mike and Ivy’s home to an absolutely fantastic lunch provided by The Kootenay Lake Lions Club.  An hour or so relaxing lakeside and digesting we continued on to Crawford Bay and past the Grey Creek Store.

The beautiful scenery of the Kootenay Lake made for an incredible rolling hills ride.  At a rest stop at Lockhart Beach Provincial Park retired Sgt Chis Newell stopped on his way home to Kimberley to chat with the team. Meeting up like this reinforced that we are a community based organization that has supporters throughout the SE District.

One final stop at the Marina before Wyndell where tradition dictated a quick dip in the lake for me and fellow rider Robyn Diddams.  One final push along the Wyndell road and we landed as a group in Creston. After 82 KM of riding all the pain and fatigue melted away when we rode up to meet a 5 Year Old Little Ambassador. Cops for Kids Foundation helped him and his family when he was born and had to spend many months at Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.  With tears in my eyes I listened to his story and it really drove home why this ride and this foundation is so important.  They called us superheroes…  When I take a moment to think about what we are doing he is truly the hero and we are just supporting him on his journey.

We were treated to a fantastic Pasta Dinner from Rotary Club of Creston and then back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.  Of all things we have done on this journey so far, meeting the little ambassadors is by far the most touching and memorable moments.  Sleep well to all the heroes out there.

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