Monsoon into Kamloops

by Spencer Frost, Oliver

Today started out after a rest at the Prestige Harbourfront in Salmon Arm. Before we left, we were met by a family who has benefitted from our fundraising efforts. The mom’s strength and positive attitude were so inspiring, we left with high hopes for the day.

A nice pedal into Chase, where our dear friend Cody was there to ride us into town to have lunch with the “little Rotary Club that does”. That homemade soup and generous donation were short-lived, as the sky started to leak as we departed from lunch.

Let’s be honest, the stretch from Chase to Kamloops was hard. We had pouring rain and strong headwinds. We were forced to put the police car in front in an attempt to break the wind as we pedalled twice as hard in an attempt to get to Kamloops on time. We were all beginning to feel a little sorry for ourselves because of this tough stretch. And then…. we met our family in Kamloops. Despite being nearly an hour late, this youngster and her dad waited in the rain just to meet the team and show their gratitude. A youngster, who has dialysis 14 hours per day, there wasn’t one of us who didn’t realize how privileged we really are in comparison to how challenging the times these young ones and their parents face each day.

Tomorrow, we venture on to Vernon and although it’s likely to be brisk in the morning, we have high hopes for a dry day.


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