On Blueberry Hill

By Eva Harding, Trail

Our morning started early with a quick ride to breakfast at Omega ll’s for another amazing meal.  The team then saddled up and rode off to Christina Lake where we were greeted at the visitor centre by the Christina Lake elected official who presented a donation on behalf of the community.  This stop is always one of the teams favourite as the staff and community are so welcoming with drinks and treats to get us fuelled up for the accent up the Paulson….we may also love playing with the murals on the floor which you can see in one of our photos

On Blueberry Hill — Cops for Kids


The team most of us anxious and nervous left the visitor centre to start our accent up to the Paulson Summit which is a 26 km climb to the summit with just over a 1000 m ascent. This part of the ride is the only part we break off on our own with riders finding their own pace.  The team managed to keep fairly tight together with the first rider arriving just under two hours and last rider in just under 2.5 hrs.

Over the 10 day ride most riders have that one day where they fight every peddle however this accent for each one of is the hardest physically and mentally.  If you ask any one of us the thing that keeps us going are the kids we are riding for. We are sore after riding up the mountain passes especially after today but we can jump into a hot tub and go to bed and feel better by morning.  The kids we help cannot, they fight the pain each and every day. When we raise money and help them, it makes their lives a little better.

After a quick lunch at the summit supplied by the ladies of Christina Lake the team rode off to the Nancy Green Junction and boarded the bus to the Village of Rossland where we were greeted by staff at Ferraro Foods with water and treats as well as the Mayor who supplied the team with some encouraging words.  During this stop we were lucky to be introduced to a couple little ambassadors William who was funded to attend a camp that specialized in his condition and Alora who Cops for Kids purchase a specialized bike.

Back on the bus to Castlegar and arrived at the Boston Pizza where we were met by the Castlegar Fire Department, Castlegar Mayor, 581 Royal Canadian air cadet squadron and Sgt. Laurel Mathew.  We enjoyed meeting little ambassadors Jaxson and Ryder, who Cops Kids assisted by helping pay for travel expenses to attend medical appointments.

The team was then treated to a huge meal sponsored by Boston Pizza.  It is always humbling when donations of services and food are given as this is money we don’t have to spend and can help fund a child in need.

Tomorrow we are off to Nelson, hopefully we are able to sit on our seats after today.

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