You can’t have rainbows without a little rain

by Lisa Barnes, Cranbrook

Today is day six and we riders have really truly blessed with the individuals who are on our support crew, the service clubs that nourish us, the hotels that sponsor us, the businesses and individuals that donated to our cause to keep us going, the kids and families that meet us along the way to share their stories and their thanks for doing what we do.  Mother Nature was incredible to us the last five days…not sure what we said to upset her but she certainly put us through our paces today.
We departed Creston in rain, and our spirits (and core temperatures) were lifted by the wonderful folks at the Yahk Community hall with hot coffee, cookies, and wraps.  After leaving tiny lakes of rainwater on their floor we departed again, in the rain. As vehicles drove past splashing up road grime we continued to get the honks and waves of support.  It made me appreciate our support team ever so much for keeping us safe on the roads in some very chilly and wet conditions.
Early in the afternoon, we packed ourselves into our support vehicles with their heat on max at Moyie Provincial Park to get out of the rain. Bagged lunches were provided by SaveOn Foods and a hot cup of Chicken Noodle Soup was prepared by our Motor Home Conductor Ken.
We rolled into Cranbrook just after 3:30 to a strong local cheering squad and a warm welcome at the Tamarack Centre, corporate sponsors of the ride for over 15 years.  After receiving a cheque for over $11,000 from the Party In The Parking Lot fundraiser held in August, we had the opportunity to interact with local families and their little ambassadors.  These kids were thrilled to meet us and even though we were wet, cold, and soggy it was incredible to meet them too.  It really brought us back to why we put ourselves through these trials… always for the kids.
While day six was wet and sometimes miserable, we saw the rainbow through the rain… kids smiling and happy and healthy and just being kids.  Now, off to dinner thanks to Boston Pizza Cranbrook, and then a good soak in the hot tub at The Best Western and Prestige Resort.
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